Colour Predictions for Fall 2017

One thing that stands out vividly in my memory from when I took my Fashion Forecasting program was Pantone’s colour predictions. The Pantone Institute will predict their top 10 colours for fashion in the upcoming season, based on what is seen at New York Fashion Week.  Below are the colours they have chosen for Fall 2017.


(Image courtesy of the Pantone website)

I personally feel the forecasted colour palette is absolutely gorgeous!  Ballet slipper is a continuation of the beautiful blush colour that I was crushing on all summer.  I love to dress colourfully so I am excited to see shades like Grenadine, Shaded Spruce and Marina in the lineup.  Brown tones do not look great on me due to my colouring so I tend to gravitate more towards the grays as far as neutrals.  That being said, Butterum and Autumn Maple are still very attractive colours for those who are fortunate enough to wear them.

I have collected some articles of clothing and accessories in all of these colours if you are wanting to introduce any of them into your existing wardrobe for this Fall!  I will be posting two of the colour trends each day this week so make sure you check back 🙂


PANTONE 17-1558 Grenadine

“A powerful, evocative, dynamic red, Grenadine is a confident and self-assured attention-getter.” (Description courtesy of the Pantone website.)


  1. Drop Earrings  // 2. Long Cardigan  // 3. Wrap dress  // 4. Blazer  // 5. Boatneck Sweater  // 6. Trousers  //   7. Kate Spade Tote  // 8. Loafer


PANTONE 19-1725 Tawny Port

“Taking the Red family to new depths, Tawny Port is elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful.” (Description courtesy of the Pantone website.)

Tawny Port

  1. Dress  // 2. Rib-knit Cardigan  // 3. Sweatshirt Dress  // 4.  Nylon Kate Spade Tote  // 5.  Cold Shoulder Sweater//  6.  Wool Blend Coat  // 7. Hooded Parka  // 8. Sateen Knee High Boot


I will be back tomorrow with my finds for the next two colours: Ballet Slipper and Butterum!

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx


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