A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

I absolutely love taking our kids to the Pumpkin Patch!  We  probably go at least 5 or 6 times every year.  Our first trip this year was to the Port Kells Nursery.  This is one of my favourite patches to visit, as there is so much for the kids to do there besides just picking out their pumpkins.  Another great part is that it is totally free to go to, with the exception of taking a hayride.  The charge for this is $5.00 (under 3 years is free) which the nursery will redeem towards the purchase of a pumpkin or plants.  We easily spend a couple of hours each time we visit.  A bonus feature of this particular nursery is that a few of the attractions are inside, because lets face it, Fall in B.C. usually involves a decent amount of rain… lol!  I only discovered this nursery a couple of years ago, so I wanted to share it in case you live in the area and are looking for somewhere new and fun to try 🙂


My sweet boys in the adorable pumpkin toques my talented mom made them 🙂


Choosing pumpkins from the patch


The Indoor Hay Maze


Feeding the chickens!


Indoor Sandbox


Lots of diggers and shovels to play with! (Behind him is the bunnies & goats.)


Entrance to the little (also indoor) Haunted House


Indoor Ball Toss


Pumpkin Patch


My eldest son’s favourite part… a bunch of tractors for him to climb on and “drive” 😉


Outfit Details: My marl shawl cardigan is sold out at H&M but I’ve linked a cozy one HERE & HERE & HERE  //  my striped turtleneck is from last year but I have linked a similar one HERE  & HERE  //  Jeans  //  Boots

There is also an outdoor corn maze, pig pen, little café inside to grab a snack at and I have seen face painting on the weekends!  No shortage of things to keep the kids entertained 🙂  What are your favourite family friendly activities for Fall?  I am always welcoming suggestions!

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx

Happy Thanksgiving! (& the Best Friends and Family Sales)

This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada.  With everything going on in our world right now, I am feeling extra thankful for the health and safety of my loved ones.  For me personally, it makes me feel awful that it often takes a tragic event for me to appreciate how truly fortunate I am.  This weekend I will be spending quality time with my sweet family.  I will remind myself not to sweat the small stuff and to feel grateful for those little things I tend to take for granted!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of lots of love and laughter!


On a lighter note, long weekends also mean great shopping!  I wanted to share some of the best sales happening right now :

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you for reading!

Shannon xx

Baby E’s 1st Birthday Party

We threw my son’s 1st Birthday party a few weeks before he actually turned one.  I promised my husband I would keep it simple this year… (Apparently I have a tendency to go overboard… lol!)  Both my boys are summer babies which is fantastic because it makes it easy to have a pool or beach party and keep the chaos outside!  This post is for the parents like myself that cannot necessarily afford to purchase lavish cakes, decorations and catering for their parties.  Absolutely no offence to anyone who does, it is just not in my budget!  Trust me, I love reading about and seeing pictures of the extravagant parties!  I just wanted to share some pictures from his birthday to show that you can throw a cute Do It Yourself party without spending a fortune.  The kids had a blast which is really the most important part right?!

We call him our little Beast, so I decided to go with a Monster theme this year:

Monster Cake

Disclaimer: this wasn’t how I originally planned the cake to look, however icing the cake in 30 degree weather proved a little difficult and it started to melt a bit… lol!

Monster crafts

Crafts for the kids… Build a monster!  Free printable from somewhat simple.

Rice Krispie monsters
Rice Krispie monsters edible eyes & dipped in coloured white chocolate… yummy!


Photo booth props that I ordered from Etsy (also used these to decorate the monster punch & anything else that needed eyes or a scary mouth!


Mini monster jello.  Plastic cups & eye stickers from the Dollar Store


I made this Monster ONE sign with some crafts from the Dollar Store & Michaels



Monster Punch


Monster water bottle labels I ordered from Etsy


How did we ever have parties before Etsy & Pinterest?! 😉  It makes it so easy to have a fun and simple DIY themed birthday!

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx



My step daughter is hilarious.  She is constantly asking me if we can make things that she has heard about from friends or seen demonstrated in a You Tube Video.  One week she will be begging me to make homemade slime, the next it will be flip-flops out of hot glue or sponge bombs?!

I feel like I am constantly saying no because the list of ingredients needed is so ridiculous.  She came home from Art Camp this summer and had made a tie-dye pillowcase.  She loved it!  I decided this was one experiment I could get behind so off to Michaels we went to purchase a kit.


I am notoriously bad for not following instructions… if it is too complicated sometimes I just cannot be bothered.  (Do not ever ask me to assemble IKEA furniture! My brain would explode… lol!)  This project was thankfully super simple and she could basically do it by herself without me having to do it all for her 🙂

  1. Wash the T-shirt before you begin (we decided to apply while the shirt was still wet)
  2. Add water to the marked line on the bottle and shake well
  3. Choose which pattern you wish to do from the instruction sheet provided (or the internet), place rubber bands where indicated for your pattern & apply the dye being careful not to oversaturate or the colours will run together
  4. Wrap in plastic wrap for at least 6 hours
  5. Rinse well & wash separately in the washing machine
  6. Start rocking your sweet 70’s style T-shirt!!!
Our tie-dye colour palette!
Our tie-dye colour palette!
The pattern she chose suggested wrapping around an object
The pattern she chose suggested wrapping around a round(ish) object
Wrapped in plastic, letting the colours soak in
Wrapped in plastic, letting the colours soak in
The finished product!
The finished product!


Of course she wanted me to make one as well.  I think they turned out great and she loves it!  She actually gets a ton of compliments when she wears her tie-dyed shirts (she has a few different ones now!)  This was a relatively inexpensive and easy craft to do if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids 🙂  I see a collection of tie-dyed bags, shirts and whatever she can get her hands on in my future…. lol!  I also have a sneaking suspicion what we will be giving out as Christmas gifts this year 😉

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx



Apple Picking!

I love summer so much but one of the things I enjoy about the beginning of Fall is taking the kids apple picking 🙂  We are lucky enough to have a couple local farms to choose from.  Our first trip this year was to Willow View Farms.  We actually managed to get there on opening day for apples and plums.  It is such a fun place to visit.  There is the cutest little general store where you can get delicious apple cider slushies, pies, syrups, fresh corn, potatoes, adorable crocheted toques and so on!  Later into the fall there is a petting zoo,  hayrides and a pumpkin patch that opens so you can guarantee this won’t be our last trip of the season.  We usually visit quite a few times as the kids love running around, picking their own fruit (and later choosing their pumpkins), feeding the chickens and petting all the animals!  It is a great place for a family outing, you can easily make a day of it.  There is a covered picnic area where you can bring lunch and a big climb on play area for kids.  I love this farm because it is family run and you do not have to pay any sore of admission to get in, you just pay for the fruit you pick.

Willow view farmsWillow view Farms

My strong boy, pulling the wagon out to the U-Pick field
My strong boy, pulling the wagon out to the U-Pick field

You Pick ApplesWillow View farmsU-Pick Plums


The U-Pick Apple Field
The U-Pick Apple Field
Riding the tractor.. his favourite!
Riding the tractor… his favourite!
Enjoying an Apple Cider Slushie!
Enjoying an Apple Cider Slushie!


*Update: Since I wrote this post, Willow View Farms actually had a devastating fire that destroyed their country store and cooler building!! They have managed to reopen for U-pick, but if you are thinking about visiting I would recommend checking out their website for updates!  Wishing them a speedy rebuild!  They can probably use local support now more than ever 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx



My Maui Recap Part 2: Kihei

On Monday I wrote a post about my personal travel guide for Kaanapali.  Today I am going to summarize the second two weeks of our month long Maui trip which we spent in Kihei.  As I mentioned in my previous Maui post, there are an abundance of beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and tons of activities to do.  This summary is simply from my personal experience of what we got up to during this particular holiday with our children.  If you are heading on a kid free vacation to Maui, I could give you a boatload of different suggestions!!  These are my family friendly recommendations for the Kihei area:

Staring up at the palm trees.. so relaxing!
Staring up at the palm trees.. so relaxing!


When I am eating at a restaurant in Maui, one of the most important thing to me (besides tasty food!)  is being outside with a view!

Kihei Cafe– This was our go to breakfast restaurant!  It is a total local spot, super casual with delicious food!  Nothing fancy which makes it perfect for eating with kids.  Just huge portions of homemade yumminess!  I would say my favourite menu item is tied between the pineapple coconut french toast and the banana macadamia nut pancakes!

S&Q’s Shaved Ice & Coffee– A little walk up spot next to the Rainbow Mall.  It seriously has the BEST Acai bowls!  I would grab one as a quick-lunch and then take it down to the beach to eat on the sand… almost daily!

Fred’s Mexican Cafe– This restaurant is so fun, the food is delicious and they have a fantastic happy hour- (cheap & strong margaritas!)  There isn’t necessarily a patio to sit on, but it is open air dining right across from the ocean- pretty awesome!

Paia Fish Market– We ordered the shrimp & chips and fish tacos.  The fish was Mahi Mahi, perfectly seasoned and delicious.  It isn’t fancy, just tasty food and good-sized portions.  We loved the outdoor seating- covered picnic tables with a breeze off the ocean, which was right across the street.

Cafe Des Amis– This restaurant is in Paia town.  (We visited here during our stay in Kihei, hence why I am including it in this section).  It is one of my must go to’s!  I am obsessed with their shrimp and coconut rice curry wrap.  It is seriously to die for!  They have the cutest little patio to sit on.  If you make a trip to Paia I can’t say enough about the yummy food here! (If you end up making a trip to Paia Town, The Flatbread Company is super tasty as well with delicious, organic and local ingredients on their pizzas!)

Roadside Patio at the Kihei Cafe
Roadside Patio at the Kihei Cafe
Acai Bowls- I could eat these everyday!
Acai Bowls- I could eat these every day! (and almost did…)
Local Boys- Our favourite stop for Shave Ice
Local Boys- Our favourite stop for Shave Ice
Breakfast at the Kihei Cafe
Breakfast at the Kihei Cafe
S&Q for Acai bowls
S&Q for Acai bowls- I tried them all


Charley Young– This was the beach we spent the most of our two weeks at.  It was walking distance from our condo and the ocean was picturesque so we really didn’t feel the need to venture far from it! It was more of a local beach so it didn’t seem as busy as some of the others.  Essentially along South Kihei Road there is a long stretch of sand which is divided into Kama’ole Beaches I, II and III, with Charley Young at the North end of Kama’ole I.

Kama’ole I, Kama’ole II, Kama’ole III– We spent a day at each of these beaches.  They are all beautiful.  As I mentioned above, they are one long stretch of sand divided by rocky points.  You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Makena (Big Beach)– This beach is beautiful and we enjoyed playing in the sand, but the waves were way too big to play in with my boys and the current was crazy strong.  So from a scenic point of view it is worth a visit, the stretch of sand is huge.  We got a kick out of watching the boogie boarders, but I personally wouldn’t recommend swimming at this beach.  Not during the time we visited anyways.

Playing at Kama'ole Beach with my littlest babe
Playing at Kama’ole Beach with my littlest babe
Can't get enough of the gorgeous Maui sunsets!
Can’t get enough of the gorgeous Maui sunsets!
Running from the waves at Charley Young beach
Running from the waves at Charley Young beach
Turtles swimming by to say hello!
Turtles swimming by to say hello!
Juggling my babes at the beach!
Juggling my babes at the beach!


Paia Town– A really colourful, cool little surf town with lots of interesting shops, restaurants and galleries to wander through.  On our way to Paia, we stopped at Ho’okipa Beach Park to watch the surfers, windsurfers and to check out all of the turtles resting up on the sand.

Road to Hana– (this isn’t an activity to do in Kihei, just an adventure my husband and I took during this time).  Plan an entire day if you want to do this drive.  The drive has many curves (over 600) and many are hairpin.  The one lane bridges are a little nerve-racking, but the scenery is absolutely stunning.  We grabbed coffees and my favourite curry wraps from Cafe Des Amis (as mentioned above) for the drive.  If swimming in picturesque waterfalls is something you like to do then I definitely recommend this trip!

Mahina– Go shopping! This is my favourite little boutique in Maui.  There are four locations: Paia, Lahaina, Wailea and lucky for me, walking distance from our condo in Kihei (and half a block from Starbucks.. yet another bonus.. lol!) I actually visited all the locations on this trip and came home with so many cute things.  They have the most affordable, stylish fun clothing and accessories!

Paia surfboard wall
Paia surfboard wall
Turtles resting on the sand at Ho'okipa Beach Park
Turtles resting on the sand at Ho’okipa Beach Park
Swimming at Ching's Pond on the Road to Hana
Swimming at Ching’s Pond on the Road to Hana
Driving the Road to Hana
Driving the Road to Hana
And of course my favourite thing to do in Maui is play in the sand & ocean with my boys!
And of course my favourite thing to do in Maui is play in the sand & ocean with my boys!

I am already planning our next trip back to Maui!  It is honestly one of my favourite places to visit and a wonderful destination to vacation with children!  My boys both loved playing in the sand and ocean and I loved seeing the sheer joy on their faces, and how they would squeal with delight as we ran away from the waves. Travelling with kids is a lot of work, but in my opinion totally worth the effort!  I love experiencing new things through their eyes!  If you have any recommendations for me for future trips, I would love to hear them in the comments below 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx




My Maui Recap Part 1: Kaanapali

This past April I was fortunate to spend 4 weeks in Maui (yay for maternity leave!)  I have had a ton of people ask me what my recommendations are for traveling to Maui with children (we took our two boys then 2 1/2 years & 7 months.)  I am going to break this post into 2 parts as we stayed the first 2 weeks in Kaanapali and spent the last 2 weeks in Kihei.  Firstly, Maui is one of my favourite places to vacation and it is an awesome place to holiday with kids… it is so family friendly!  As we were staying for an extended period of time, we decided to go the condo route versus staying in a hotel.  I booked both condos off of HomeAway and our car rental through the Costco Travel site (both had great deals as April is classified as low season to travel there!)  There are literally SO MANY beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and fun activities to do, it can almost be overwhelming.  I am going to tell you from my personal experience of what we got up to during this trip. These are recommendations for the Kaanapali/ Lahaina side of the island.

Part of the reason we stayed in a condo was so that we could do a lot of cooking ourselves.  There is a Costco on the island and we shopped at the Safeway in Lahaina as well.  That being said I love to go out for breakfast and Aloha hour.  These were a few of our main stops:

The view from our giant lanai at our Kaanapali condo
The view from the giant lanai on our Kaanapali condo


Dukes Beach House– The banana & macnut pancakes here are my favorite!  Great location with beautiful views and super tasty food.

Hula Grill (Barefoot Bar)-  My husband and I were fortunate enough to have a couple of child free Aloha Hours here… I love their mangoritas!  You sit at a table right in the sand, staring out at the ocean at the centre of Kaanapali Beach.  It is pretty amazing!

Betty’s Beach Cafe– This place is a hidden gem down the road on Front Street in Lahaina.  The happy hour is a steal, the view is awesome, food is delicious and the atmosphere is super relaxed.  If you sit there long enough (like we did!) you might be lucky enough to catch a luau show out the window at the adjacent restaurant.

Maui Tacos– My go to for something quick and delicious!  The fish tacos (& everything that I have ordered from here) are so yummy.  And cheap, which is always a bonus!

The Sunrise Cafe– We asked our waitress at the Hula Grill what her favourite local breakfast spot was and she told us we had to go here.  You probably wouldn’t look twice if you walked by it on the street but the food was incredible.  We sat out on the little street side patio and joked around with the super friendly staff while we ate the best home cooked breakfast!

Strolling in front of the Hula Grill
Lunch at Betty’s- Kalua Pork & Fish Tacos
Banana macnut pancakes at the Sunrise Cafe (my favourite!)
Tiny breakfast patio at the Sunrise Cafe
Tiny breakfast patio at the Sunrise Cafe


The beaches in Kaanapali are absolutely gorgeous.  This being said, the waves were HUGE when we were there in April and I was terrified of my fearless two-year old being sucked out to sea! We did spend a few days playing in the waves but then spent the majority of time at more kid friendly spots.

Baby Beach– We found this to be the most kid friendly beach on this side of the island.  Visually it is not as stunning as some of the other beaches but as far as being able to sit back and not worry about the waves it was my favourite.  There is lots of shade with calm water and a small reef to snorkel around.  We also saw turtles swimming by every day we were there which was super exciting for the kids!

Kaanapali Beach–  This is the gorgeous stretch of beach in front of the hotels and restaurants.  We found this to be a good place to play in the mornings but there is no shade and by the afternoon the wind would really pick up, blowing over our umbrella and creating crazy waves.

Black Rock– Is at the North end of Kaanapali Beach and this was a great spot for snorkelling.

Napili Bay– This was a hidden gem of a beach.  There was no formal public parking lot, just spots on the street and a short walk down (which is the only downside because you need to get there early or all of the parking will be gone.)  The ocean is beautiful, turquoise and fairly calm.  Great spot for swimming, digging in the sand and snorkelling.

Playing in the super calm water at Baby Beach
Kaanapali Beach looking towards Black Rock
The boys playing in the sand on Kaanapali Beach
Oceanside cuddles with my babe

Pineapple Bikini  *  Straw Fedora

The beach at Napili Bay
The beach at Napili Bay
Loving life at Baby Beach!
Loving life at Baby Beach!
Little surfer checking out the waves
Little surfer checking out the waves


Maui Ocean Center– (this is actually located in Maalaea Bay but we went here during our 2 week Kaanapali stay which is why I am including it in this section.)  The boys loved the aquarium, the shark tank was our favourite part!  When we were there you could buy a gift card at Costco to help save on admission.  You could also use the promo code “Airport” if you bought your tickets ahead online.

Whalers Village– The shops are fun to wander through, but one of the highlights with kids was the Honolulu Cookie Company, the cookies here are super delicious and lots of samples to nibble on!  There is also a play area with a climbing apparatus and splash pad.  You can also watch free Hula Shows in the village

Lahaina Town– Wander down Front Street in Lahaina.  Tons of shops, galleries, restaurants and history to check out.  Grab a shave ice and some shade under the ginormous Banyan Tree.  My oldest son loved chasing all of the birds around while the rest of us sat and people watched.

Climbing in Whalers Village
Climbing in Whalers Village
Having a blast at the aquarium
Having a blast at the Ocean Centre
The historic Banyan tree in Lahaina
The historic Banyan tree in Lahaina
I can never get enough of the gorgeous sunsets!
I can never get enough of the gorgeous sunsets!

There is honestly no shortage of activities to do in Maui.  Drive to the top of Haleakala to watch the sunrise, it is spectacular! Visit the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, it is really beautiful.  Tons of guided whale watching tours, snorkelling experiences, visit one of the many coffee farms, zip lining, luaus, surfing, paddle boarding… the list goes on and on.  I am simply sharing what we got up to during our holiday with young children.  If you have any recommendations for me I would love to hear them in the comments below!  I will be posting later this week with my recommendations from our stay in Kihei.

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx





My New Staple: Backpacks!

Back in the Spring I had to fly with our two boys on my own (then 2 1/2 years and 6 months).  I was extremely nervous about how I was going to juggle everything, being as I am a mother with only two arms and unfortunately in this circumstance, not an octopus!  I decided to buy a cute little backpack to use instead of my diaper bag so that I had one less thing I needed to worry about carrying.  It worked out awesome! I could hold my older son’s hand on one side and carry my baby in the other arm, without the diaper bag constantly slipping off my shoulder.  I used it as my purse the entire time we were away and now I actually use it when I am out and about without the kids all the time.

Backpacks are so cute and they are available in all colours, styles and price ranges.  I have rounded up a collection of various priced mini backpacks, including a few that I am probably going to be purchasing (lol) to a couple that I wish were hanging in my closet!

Mini Blush backpack- H&M


My backpack (sold out in pink but still available in black)


Mini Backpacks

1. Ted Baker London Mini Jarvis Leather Backpack | Nordstrom

2. Canvas Blue Stripe- Merona

3. Aldo Midnight Black Embroidered

4. Matt & Nat ‘Brave’ Faux Leather

5. MARC JACOBS Mini Biker Backpack (Nordstrom Exclusive) | Nordstrom

6. Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Metallic 

7. Alonte Midnight Black Women’s Handbags | ALDO Canada

8. Tommy Bahama Siesta Key Backpack | Nordstrom

9. Rhea Large Leather Backpack | Michael Kors

10. Kate Spade Back to School

11. Faux Leather Fringe Backpack

12. Matt & Nat Fabi Vintage

13. Retreat Backpack | Herschel Supply Company

14. Matt & Nat Lawrence Loom

15. Matt & Nat Mumbai Dwell

16. Sole Society Faux Leather Backpack | Nordstrom

17. Amici Accessories Ring Handle Backpack | Nordstrom

18. Original Hunter Nylon Mini

19. Faux Leather Forever 21

20. Under One Sky White & Black Target

What do you think about this little backpack trend?  I would love to hear any of your comments.

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx


Lunch at the Winery!

What better thing to do on a beautiful Friday afternoon then have a delicious lunch with a couple of my best girlfriends at one of our local wineries?! Maybe follow that lunch up with a wine tasting? Sounds like a plan!  That is exactly what I was fortunate enough to do a few weeks back and it was fabulous.  My two girlfriends and I met up at the Bacchus Bistro at the Chaberton Estate Winery.  We sat out on their lovely little back patio in the sunshine with a glass of wine and a light lunch.  When we finished up our meals we unanimously decided that we were not finished visiting yet and should probably stroll over to the wine shop and do a quick tasting ;))

For the wine tasting you get to choose from 4 of their available offered monthly selections for a fee of $5.00.  Upon purchase of a bottle, the fee is waived.  I am a fan of sweeter white wines and their Reserve Siegerrebe is one of my favourites!  Quite honestly, I enjoy most of their wines.  Let’s just say I have yet to pay the tasting fee on any of my visits as I tend to leave with a few bottles in hand!  Chaberton is one of my favourite local spots to go.

I have a couple more wineries close to home that I plan to visit before the summer is over… Stay tuned!

Blue Linen & Chambray off the shoulder dressesBacchus Bistro at Chaberton estate wineryLunch at DomaineChambray off the shoulder dressChaberton estate winery Langley, BCin the vines at Chaberton Estate Winery Langley BCChambray off the shoulder, Green maxi dressesLunch at Domaine- Tasting Room

If you have any favourite sweeter whites or Rosés to suggest to me, I am always looking for new favourite wines!

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx

A Day at the Cidery!

Cider TastingMy girlfriends and I are always looking for fun restaurants and activities for when we get to steal a couple of hours away from our beloved children.  A few weeks ago one of them suggested we should go cider tasting sometime.  I didn’t even realize that there was a local cidery where we could do that… I love cider, so imagine my excitement!  Turns out that I am not super out of the loop…. the Cidery only opened their doors in May 2016 and I have been pretty tied up the last few years having babies… lol.  Well wouldn’t you know, the stars aligned for us and we were able to both have a few hours free on a beautiful Sunday morning.  We decided this would be the perfect opportunity to make a trip to the  Fraser Valley Cider Company!  The moment we walked in I knew that I was in love.  The tasting room was full of rustic charm and so many cute details.  The tasting was a good deal as well… only $4.00 or waived if you purchased a bottle (which obviously we did!)  The staff was so lovely and knowledgeable and the ciders were seriously delicious.  We decided to order a charcuterie plate and a bottle of the Rosy (a raspberry infused cider) and sat outside in the picnic area to enjoy it.  An added bonus is that everything they offer to eat and drink is locally sourced… as I love to shop local & support small businesses!Cider Tasting RoomCider Tasting RoomStyle Files TastingStyle Files TastingStyle Files Cider TastingStyle Files Cider Tasting

We both loved the ciders we tasted and had such an awesome time there.  If you are looking for something fun to do one weekend (they are currently only open Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I definitely recommend a trip to the Fraser Valley Cider Company!  My husband had asked me to bring him home a bottle of my favourite… I couldn’t decide so I had to buy one of each… lol.  With the exception of the sold out Elderflower Cider… they were just in the middle of brewing a new batch.  Guess I will have to make another trip back soon…..  ;))

Style Files Cider TastingStyle Files Cider TastingStyle Files Cider TastingStyle Files Cider TastingStyle Files Cider TastingStyle Files Cider Tasting

My Outift Details:

Linen Sundress // Sandals similar here // Sunglasses // Bar Pendant Necklace

Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx