Gingham Galore!

One of my absolute favourite trends right now is gingham!  This cute, classic little check print can be found in every type of garment.  I find it versatile in that it can be preppy yet also edgy.  I still love florals for Spring and Summer, but it is nice to have such a fun alternative to wear.  I have linked a bunch of my favourite, affordable pieces below if you are looking to add a little cuteness to your wardrobe!  (Apparently I have a strong bias towards dresses!) The only problem with gingham, is that I find it to be so adorable that I am trying not to go crazy buying it in every colour… Happy shopping!



1. Skirt | 2.Dress |3. Skirt |4. Dress  |5. Dress |6. Shirt  |7. Bathing Suit |8. Dress

9. Dress |10. Dress |11. Skirt |12. Shorts |13. Capris |14. Shirt  |15. Dress  |16. Dress

17. Pinafore Dress |18. Dress |19. Bandana |20. Heels |21. Clutch  |22. Slides


Thank you for reading!

Shannon xx


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